Cheesy TV Ad of the Day: Fresh and Dry Intimate Wash

Mark Duffy from BuzzFeed describes this commercial really well:

Before Clean and Dry intimate wash:
Sad “Stairway to Heaven”-ish acoustic guitar. Dirty, smelly. dark coochie. Disinterested man.

After Clean and Dry intimate wash:
Upbeat, crappy canned pop music. Clean, “fairer” vertical smile. Make Him Late For Work jungle sex.

Here’s this video’s caption on YouTube:

Designed to address the problems women face in their private parts, Clean and Dry Intimate Wash offers protection, fairness and freshness. To be used while showering, its special pH-balanced formula cleans and protects the affected area, and even makes the skin fairer. Life for women will now be fresher, cleaner, fairer! Freshness Jo Nikhare!

Vaginal cleansing products are generally regarded by the medical establishment as a bad idea, and a product that also lightens it can’t be good either.

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