Hot Prussian-on-Bavarian Action!

Plate of frites with the monogram "Nichts ist so heiss wie die Liebe zwischen Bayern und Preisse"

The inscription on this plate of frites translates from the German as “Nothing is as hot as the love between a Bavarian and a Prussian“. I see potential in making plates like this for film fans (“Nothing is as unlikely as the love between a Coen brothers aficionado and someone who waiting in line for Twilight tickets”), Toronto neighbourhoods (“Nothing is as Toronto hipster as the occasional hook-up between a Parkdale chick and a guy from Leslieville“) or whatever (“Nothing is as WTF as the love between Richard Gere and a guy who looks like the Dalai Lama in a Hamtaro costume”).

Feel free to suggest more inscriptions in the comments.

Fun fact of the day: The Wikipedia entry for Prussia features a map that uses the colour Prussian Blue to indicate the Kingdom of Prussian within the German Empire.

2 replies on “Hot Prussian-on-Bavarian Action!”

Not to burst the bubble, but the translation isn’t quite right – should be “Nothing is as hot as the love between Bavaria and Prussia”, as in, the states of. Which is actually irony, since the Bavarians consider themselves the sensual opposites of the uptight Prussians. And it’s in fact taken from a song lyric “Kein Feuer, keine Kohle kann brennen so heiß als die heimliche Liebe zwischen Bayern und Preiß” (more or less).

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