“Where’s the W, cuh? #Trippy”

Badminton racket with a "W" painted on the strings, held over a car's dashboard. The badminton strings cast a shadow, but not the "W". Inset is a Tweet: "Where the W, cuh? #Trippy"

You know why the “W” doesn’t cast a shadow, don’t you? Please say you do. Please.

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I think you mean religion, Brent. Baby Jesus makes all the cool stuff in the world happen…

I think the red is just for Wilson and it is just like it isn’t there. Or else… Wilson is the name of the Leprechaun who stole the W and put it in his pot o’ gold?

simple, the w is painted onto the racket strings and nowhere else so all you see in the shadow is the strings, no w

Yes, I do. Sadly, when I show this at work, it will be considered magic by the primitive college graduates.

The “W” is just colored onto the white strings on the racquet. Held at an angle the W looks solid but is just colored areas on the strings.

Does he think the W should cast an all-solid shadow or that the shadow of the string on the painted part should somehow be darker (which would happen if the strings were otherwise [partially] transparent).

agora a cor vermelha tem uma sombra diferente ??? … ainda há cada burro ….

Tch, tch. The “W” is in deep red. Chromatic aberration in the system gives it a different focal length. If the tennis racket were held at a different height above the imaging surface, one would see a sharply defined “W” and not the strings and frame.

The elegance of convoluted theory may not be sullied by empirical falsification. This iis trivially validated by string theory and SUSY predicting sheaves of hornswoggle immune to criticism. Were anybody to gainsay this perfect “double you,” I would add symmetry breakings to the ansatz, engage a see-saw mechanism, insert a penguin, then recalculate the divergence distance so it was not obtainable.

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