Dispatches from SxSW, Part 2: A Whole Mess o’ Guides

Robert Scoble and Joey deVilla whoop it up at SxSW

If you’re not wasted, the night is! That’s Robert Scoble and me, partying it up in 2008.

There are a whole lot of guides, how-to and whats-going-on articles on the South by Southwest conference. As a public service, I’ve collected a few that I found helpful and have posted them here. Enjoy!

Survival Guides

Edelman Digital's "10 things to do at SxSW" infographic

Check out slide 13 of this slide presentation. You’ll see someone familiar!

Sessions and Happenings

Anthony Bourdain, leaning back at a table at Brasserie Les Halles with a coffee

Anthony Bourdain will be speaking on Tuesday. Expect the hall to be packed to the gills.


Austin food carts

Austin is famous for its food carts – make sure you stop by a couple and try their stuff!
Creative Commons photo by Noah Jeppson. Click to see the original.

And Finally…

Remember to make some memories while you’re there!

One more thing: Kevin Cheng’s guide is so short, it fits in a tweet:

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