Toronto Techie Dim Sum: Wednesday March 7th at Sky Dragon!

Toronto Techie Dim Sum - Wednesday, March 7th at noon: photo of chopsticks picking dumplings

It’s been too long since we’ve had a Toronto Techie Dim Sum – since November, in factso I’m declaring one for this Wednesday, March 7th at noon at good ol’ Sky Dragon (Dragon City Mall, top floor, southwest corner of Spadina and Dundas)!

Joey deVillaThese are casual, informal lunchtime get-togethers for that broad category of people that I call “The Toronto Techie Community”. It includes programmers, designers and “suits” who work in the web and software industries or anyone interested in hanging out with such people for interesting conversation that isn’t always about technology, as well as cheap, cheerful and delicious Chinese food. If even the notion of attending a lunchtime gathering appeals to you, you’re the sort of person we’d like to see there!

Once again, Toronto Techie Dim Sum happens this Wednesday, March 7th at noon at Sky Dragon. We should be an easy group to spot – look for the table with me (see the photo, inset on the right).

This article also appears in Global Nerdy.

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