R.I.P. Steve Kirman, the “Steve” of Steve’s Music Store

steves music store

Steve Kirman, a.k.a. “Mr. Steve”, the “Steve” behind Steve’s Music Store, passed away on Saturday. Steve started his music instruments store in Montreal, where it now pretty much eats up a city block, and expanded to open stores in Ottawa as well as my hangout since high school, the Steve’s on Queen Street West.

I’ve bought countless things from Steve’s, from patch cables to amplifiers to my beloved Ensoniq EPS 16 sampler (which I gave to my friend Karl Mohr) to my most recent accordion, the little red Silvetta, pictured below when it was mere days old:

Thanks, Steve, for everything. (Especially for not kicking me out of the synth department when I hung out there for hours after school.)

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My condolences to his family. This is a big loss for Toronto music community. Steve established one of the best music instrument stores in Toronto and I still remember how he helped me with choosing my first guitar 20 years ago. He was always so helpful and nice. I am glad that I met him, he was a person one can’t forget about.

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