Classic Family Feud: “Love Boat” vs. “WKRP in Cincinnati”

Back in the seventies and eighties, there were a number of shows featuring competitions between casts of different TV shows from the major networks, which were then limited to ABC, CBS and NBC. This was well before the internet as we know it today and just at the start of the age of the VCR (its existence was threatened by lawsuits from the movie studios until 1984), so it was much easier to turn television shows into events. The most notable of these shows was Battle of the Network Stars, which featured casts from all three networks competing in unstaged, unrehearsed physical competitions.

Also notable: the All-Star editions of Family Feudthe original one, with Richard Dawson as host (a role he parodied as “Killian” in The Running Man). The video above features the casts of The Love Boat and WKRP in Cincinnati facing off against one another, and it was a pretty amusing episode.

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[…] Yesterday, I posted a video of an old Family Feud episode featuring the casts of The Love Boat and W… Seeing this old game show reminded me of another game show from the same era: the Canadian game show Just Like Mom. In Just Like Mom, the goal was to see which of the mother-child contestant teams knew each other the best through matching answers (in a way similar to The Newlywed Game) and in a finale bake-off in which mothers try to identify the dish their child prepared. […]

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