It’s Also Presidents Day!


It’s Family Day/Louis Riel Day/Islander Day in Canada, and it’s Presidents Day in the United States. Happy Presidents Day to my American readers! has got some great ecards you can send to friends and family for this very day.

not all of them were douchebags

I like the current one more than the last one, and more than the motley crew of competitors vying for his position.

And while we’re at it: Ron Paul sucks. Here are 20 reasons why.


I had no idea that there’s an upcoming Sarah Palin film, nor that Julianne Moore plays her! Here’s the trailer for the film, whose title is Game Change (it’s based on the book of the same name):

As one might expect, Palin says that the movie, which depicts her as completely unqualified and incapable of being a candidate, never mind a chicken bone away from the presidency, has a “false narrative”. Remember, this is the journalism major who claimed in a TV interview that she read the papers daily but couldn’t name a single one, thought Saddam ordered 9/11 and believed that Queen Elizabeth II (and not the Prime Minister) ran the British Government.

president santorum

Don’t forget: Rick Santorum wants your sex life to be “special”. For a guy who’s pasting the “limited government” label to himself, he sure likes to think that certain matters that hit his invisible-man-in-the-sky buttons are under presidential purview.

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