Kids Today…

who is paul mccartney on twitter

…have no idea who Paul McCartney is. Yes, his post-Wings stuff has been pretty dreadful, but I think it’s reasonable to expect to at least have a vague idea of who the Beatles are if you’re to be considered functional in First World popular culture.

(And really kids, if you can tweet your ignorance, you can fix it with a quick search.)

On the other hand, not knowing who Bon Iver are (they’re the indie rock band who won Best New Artist at the Grammys) is perfectly forgivable:

who is bon iver on twitter

“Bonny Bear” – love it!

I have both albums and they’re just okay as background music. The odds are pretty good that five years from now, even the most hardcore fixie-riding hipsters will be asking “Who wereBon Iver?”

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Bon Iver this year, Arcade Fire last. The Grammy judges are trying to be hipsters by choosing bands they’ve never heard of. #Ruleofthumb: there’s a reason you’ve never heard of them…

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