The Toronto Sun: The “Human Centipede” of Local Media

"Human Centipede" diagram with Toronto mayor Rob Ford at the front, Ford's former press secretary and Sun Editor Adrienne Batra in the middle and at the very end, Sun columnist and annoying Rob Ford cheerleader Sue-Anne Levy.

"I'm the Mayor. Deal with It." Picture of Family Guy's Peter Griffin in a suit.Ah, the Toronto Sun. I’ve seen better paper after wiping my ass. Once upon a time, it served a purpose; there was the SUNshine girl, Bloom County and countless ads for electronics. It’s the only paper here that sasses back at letters to the editor. These days, we can do all that and even better on the internet.

This graphic nicely captures the Sun’s true nature: a “human centipede” (here’s the Wikipedia entry, but be warned; it’s a really gross movie) of news, mindlessly and slavishly loyal to Rob Ford, mayor and general embarrassment of Toronto. Toronto people, share this one around widely!

Thanks to Chris Charabaruk for finding this for me!

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