Tampa Travel Diary 4: When “Street” Means “Family-Friendly”

The 'compliments' bulletin board at a Five Guys in Tampa.

What’s a guy to do when his local Five Guys is a pain to get to and he’s working from someone else’s home, where there’s one a mere block away? He schedules a little “me time” and has himself a nice bacon cheeseburger, that’s what.

While pouring myself a drink, I took a look at the corkboard that they leave for comments from satisfied customers. This one jumped out at me:

Card on the Five Guys 'compliments' board that reads 'Five Guys is da shiznet'.

“Five Guys is da shiznet. They never would’ve let a card saying “Five Guys is da shit” stay on the board, but apparently hip-hop variants like “shiznet” (and presumably “shizzle”) seem to pass muster. This may be one of those rare moments when making something more “street” makes it more family-friendly. Hollah!

If I worked at Five Guys, I might be tempted to post my own card in reply: “Thanks, biznatch!

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