My Weird Appearance on Reddit

There’s a post on Reddit that links to this screen capture of a Facebook post:

tiger milk

In response to this post, a Redditor named “CSI_Photo_Enhancer” created this animated response, which features Yours Truly:

joey devilla and tiger woods

The original photo is from nearly a year ago today: it’s a self-portrait from my second-last day of my week-long at the hospital:

In case you haven’t read it, My Hospital Week is an interesting story. It’s hard to believe I almost didn’t make it out of there alive.

Anyways, thanks to CSI_Photo_Enhancer for making my day a little more surreal!

7 replies on “My Weird Appearance on Reddit”

I came here because I saw the enhancement on Reddit and I said to myself, “You know, that kind of looks like Accordian Guy…”

Personally I also love the addition of the creepy dude in the background! Unless he was someone you photoshopped OUT! :O

Yeah, I’m like Mantari on this one. I saw this (on tumblr, actually) and was like, “Hey, isn’t that Accordion Guy?!”

I haven’t even read your blog in years and years so obviously you have a memorable face.

I can’t believe I played “Kill Doctor Lucky” with you and 1.) Didn’t know how stratospherically cool you were. 2.)Didn’t recognize you from that Reddit post. You just blew my mind.

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