Fun with Photoshop and Rob Ford Kicking a Football [Updated]

rob ford kicking a football

Toronto Mike spotted the meme before I did, but it’s too fresh and too funny not to share. It started with the Toronto Star photo above featuring our Peter Griffin-esque mayor Rob Ford doing a ceremonial football kickoff at the Rogers Centre.

Someone submitted it to Reddit, inviting its readership to go nuts with the photo, and that’s exactly what they did. Here are some of my favourite remixes…

Here’s Ford, going for the gold:

rob ford ice skating

My first thought was that he looked a helluva lot like “Moshzilla”, the mosh pit girl, and some had the same idea:

rob ford and moshing girl

“THIS! IS! TORONTO!” If only the mayor loved Toronto as much as Leonidas loved Sparta. And boys.

rob ford this is sparta

I suspect that Rob Ford and Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop would get along like gangbusters:

rob ford and pepper spray cop

And why stop with just Pepper Spray Cop? Let’s make it a meme party!

super rob ford wizard of oz remix

Want to get in on the fun? Here’s the mayor’s football kick, minus the background and football, ready for your remixing.

rob ford cutout

And here’s the cutout, with the football:

rob ford cutout with football

Enjoy, and if you create a work of art, link to it in the comments!


Here’s a remix of the “curb stomp scene” from American History X. It’s rather symbolic of his administrative style.

rob ford american history x

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