The End of Movember, The Magnificent Bastard and a Suggested Alternative to “Julyna”

Joey deVilla, with moustache, taking a self portrait in a mirror

The End of Movember and The Magnificent Bastard

It’s November 30th, the end of “Movember”, the moustache-growing charity event to raise money for and awareness of men’s health, especially with cancer in the “frank-and-beans” area. Pictured above is my own facial hair contribution to Movember, as it appeared last Saturday night. I used to sport a moustache with my goatee but lopped it off in 2000 and haven’t had once since until this November. I even game it a name: The Magnificent Bastard, taken from this classic line from Patton (a classic dude film):

The Magnificent Bastard was beginning to poke at the corners of my mouth and annoy me, so I shaved it off on Monday, a couple of days early. Looking in the mirror afterwards, something seemed not-quite-right, and my Special Friend in Tampa, a lady whose opinion I take very seriously, concurs. I’m growing it back and trimming it, just to see what it looks like.

An Alternative to Julyna

"Julyna": Screenshot of the "Julyna" logo and a portion of the page

Movember’s counterpart for women is “Julyna”, and it too is a fund- and awareness-raising month for women’s health, especially “below the equator”. The big difference is thatyour gesture of support isn’t done with facial hair. Here’s the money quote from the Julyna site:

The rules for Julyna are simple: Women will spend the month of July exercising creativity and personal wellness by choosing a style for their hair down there and sticking to it—as a fundraising technique. Women don’t have to leave it au naturel, or choose a standard pattern like “The Charlie Chaplin.” They can make something up. Get creative!

I’m cool with the Julyna idea, but it might catch on better in the northern hemisphere if it weren’t during the bikini season. How about holding it on a month when we’re all bundled up? My suggested alternative month and name is…


Say it out loud: Vajanuary. It’s got a ring to it, doesn’t it?

2 replies on “The End of Movember, The Magnificent Bastard and a Suggested Alternative to “Julyna””

Nice ‘stach Joey!
I have never heard of Julyna, but I have heard people tossing around the term Vaganuary. It’s not the same without the progress update photos though. Not that you’d necessarily want to see it all, but it’s just not the same if it’s a “take my word for it” kind of thing. Most charities have some kind of walk or event or something. Hey, maybe there could be a pube weigh-off at the end of the month. Or see who can knit the biggest pube scarf? Well, at least that would be appropriate to the season…

Yup, not visible enough. How about Dyecemeber and women can dye their hair different colours? Oh, except for studies that show hair dye causes cancer but that was mainly before 1980. And men could participate too! Very inclusive. If you want to go all out, you could dye your vajanuary too.

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