“I Go to Queen’s!”

Queen's University emblemIf you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that my alma mater is Crazy Go Nuts University, a “Canadian Ivy” that often goes by another name, Queen’s University. I spent a lovely seven years there getting my undergraduate degree and became its second most notorious perma-student. I started off as an electrical engineering student, graduated with a B.Sc. in computer science, played in a half-dozen bands, wrote for every student newspaper, DJ’d at several venues (including the legendary Clark Hall Pub), made leagues of friends, kissed a few girls and maybe even got a little studying done.

My friend Marichka Melnyk, whom I’ve known since meeting her during Reading Week 1989, pointed me to a video by the Queen’s Players, Crazy Go Nuts University’s singing/sketch comedy troupe. This video is titled I Go to Queen’s, and it sings the praises of The Best Damned School on Earth – or at least The School That Put Up With Me and Let Me Get Away With a Degree.

Bonus Fun Fact

If you Google for “Crazy Go Nuts University” (or Bing it, even) you’ll find some reference to Queen’s University on the first page of results. That’s pretty much my fault.

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Hey! You met my dog Swisher when visiting Seattle, you know Jeannie my next door neighbour’s sister, you went to Queen’s!

Umm, so did I. And I began my five years in 1988 as an Artsi and graduated an Engineer in 1993. I think we overlapped…. possibly?


Hello, Paula!

We most certainly overlapped. I was there from 1987 through 1994 and among other things was: a DJ at Clark Hall Pub and Robert’s Club Vogue, one of the lead writers and cartoonists at Golden Words (triangle-eyed characters, the Matt Groening-inspired rabbits in the comics about the AMS) and the MiSC editor at the Queen’s Journal.

Cha Gheill!

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