Getting News from NMA

These days, whenever I hear about some kind of breaking news, my first question is “Has it been turned into a wacky Taiwanese animation yet?” The irreverent animators at NMA TV cover everything from the Greek debt crisis…

…to entertainment “news”…

(I like how they worked Bieber’s “Baby, baby, baby” into the piece)

…to human interest stories…

(Gotta love the “Asian student” vs. “White student” comparison, in that piece. I’ve posted a frame from that segment below.)


…to editorials, where they go beyond animation and insert some live action with a flesh-and-blood commentator playing the role of a younger, more coherent and cuter Andy Rooney:

I wonder how long it takes to produce one of their segments. I’ve worked at shops where they did 3D animation, but that was over a decade ago when the tools and computers were considerably more primitive. I also wonderif (and how) they make money.

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