Q: Are We Not Dogs?

Picture of two silhouettes of whippets. Whippet 1 is labelled "Whippet"; Whippet 2 is wearing a Devo-style hat and labelled "Whippet good".

This one’s been doing the rounds on the internet today. In case you don’t get the reference, you might want to watch this video.


Today’s Cover of the Toronto Sun

Cover of the Toronto Sun, with the full-page headline "We've got a Liberal Minority / Welcome to Hell". "Hell" is spelled in flames.

Wow, that’s a lot of conservative butt-hurt, even by Toronto Sun standards. (I must admit, it’s odd using the words “Toronto Sun” and “standards” in the same sentence.)

If you’re not from the Ontario, it’s in reference to last night’s provincial election results in which the Liberal party won a minority government (winning enough seats to rule, but not enough for a majority of the overall seats) over the Sun’s preferred Conservatives.

This puts a damper on the Conservative trifecta some people were hoping for here in Accordion City, Canada’s economic capital and one held in roughly the same regard that people in “red states” hold New York City. With Toronto mayor Rob “Peter Griffin” Ford and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper playing the part of a right-of-centre Goofus and Gallant, it would be a conservative wet dream to have a Conservative premier, and they clearly stated so in this video shot at a picnic where all three were in attendance:

For a look at how differently different news organizations view last night’s election results, consider the top-ranking stories on Google News from this morning. These organization’s readers/viewers are typically diametrically opposed on the political spectrum:

Side-by-side pictures of "Peter Griffin" from "Family Guy" and Rob Ford, both in blue suits.

One hypothesis that’s going about town is that Rob Ford – the still new-ish mayor who proved popular in the beginning thanks largely to disappointment with this city’s previous left-leaning, way-too-union-friendly mayor, but whose popularity has been on the decline even among supporters and allies – may have played a part in Conservative premier candidate Tim Hudak’s failure to complete the Conservative hat trick. The idea has gained enough credence that he’s issued the standard denials, including the statement that he didn’t endorse anyone. And it’s true, ass-kissing at a picnic isn’t official endorsement.

Getting back to that Toronto Sun cover: it was silly enough that local blogger Michael Balazo saw fit to revive his blog Toronto Sun Cover Reviews to give this so-bad-it’s-awesome piece of work a critique. Be sure to check it out!


Know The Difference

Three-panel picture: 1. "Normal Cat" - a white cat.  2. Cat getting punched in the face.  3. "Expensive Luxury Cat" - a "punch face" Persian cat

I never did like the way those expensive luxury cats looked. They look like cat versions of Wilford Brimley:

Wilford Brinley's head on the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World's" body: "I don't always eat cake, but when I do, DIABEETUS"


Axl Rose: From “Appetite for Destruction” to “Appetite for Bacon”

Fat Axl Rose in a big yellow raincoat, with the caption "Welcome to the jungle! We've got tons of cake!"

Guns ‘N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose is so tubby he’s unrecognizable these days. The photo above is from a recent concert in Brazil, where’s he’s trying to hide the flab under a big yellow overcoat. He’s not the first musician from the late 80s/early 90s to put his bulk in a big yellow outfit:

Cover of the album "Big Tyme" by Heavy D and the Boyz, featuring Heavy D in a big yellow suit

Of course, Heavy D wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he was a husky gentleman.

For those of you too young to remember what Axl Rose looked like, here’s a photo from around the time of Appetite for Destruction:

A much skinnier Axl Rose in black jeans and black tank top, sitting on the ground leaning against a wall


It’s Also “Mad Hatter Day” Today

Illustration of The Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland"

In addition to being Election Day in Ontario, today, October 6th, is also Mad Hatter Day, owing to the sign he wore on his hat: In this style 10/6.

In the spirit of the Mad Hatter, you’re supposed to use this day to celebrate silliness. So I suppose it’s appropriate that today is a provincial election day. Happy Mad Hatter Day, everyone!


Election Day 2011 in Ontario

1940s-style photo of a hand putting a ballot into a ballot box

It’s Provincial Election Day for Ontario today. If you’re eligible, go vote!

The results will be broadcast on those old-fashioned “television” devices, but you can bypass the stuffed-shirt talking heads and get the results directly from the Elections Ontario site


Milwaukee Travel Diary, Part 1: Deep-Fried Cheese Curds

View from an airplane window, looking at a United Airlines jet at O'Hare

It’s tempting to go with the same-old, same-old when travelling on business. You typically end up in a hotel somewhere near downtown, and these places are typically near the same chains no matter where you are: Starbucks, Subway and so on. While it’s nice to have the familiar within easy reach – and hey, the coffee and sandwich options were far worse before Starbucks and Subway – if you’re going to have the exact same things while away, why go at all?

My terribly early Friday morning flight to Milwaukee by way of O’Hare put me in my hotel shortly after ten. I had a lot of work to do before meeting with customers that afternoon, and the area I was in was all hotels, office buildings and malls, so lunch meant a run to some nearby food court to see if there was anything that was either:

  1. Local and tasty (if a little less healthy)
  2. Chain-based and healthy (if a little same-old, same-old)

That’s when I ran into this:

Culver's logo: "Culvers / Frozen Custard / Butterburgers"

I’d only heard of frozen custard thanks to Alton Brown’s show, Feasting on Asphalt. As for “Butterburger”, something with a name like that had to be good. Here’s what I ended up ordering:

Diet Coke, deep-fried cheese curds, ButterBurger

In the photo above, the thing to the left is the ever-recognizable Diet Coke. (Do you know why people drink Diet Coke? Because they’re fat and thirsty.)

On the right, a swiss-and-mushroom ButterBurger. It’s pretty good, a cut above your McDonald’s/Burger King/Wendy’s burger and the bread’s pretty nice. They say that they “lightly butter” the bun, but perhaps “lightly” means something different in Wisconsin. No matter: I love butter.

As for my side, those things in the middle are deep-friend cheese curds. That’s right: cheese curds, just like the ones we put on top of poutine, breaded and deep-fried. They were delicious, and we need to get some place to start serving them here.

Here’s an even crazier idea that came to me while enjoying my lunch: what if we made poutine with these babies instead of uncooked cheese curds? C’mon, Smoke’s, I know you can do this!

For dessert, I had the frozen custard flavour of the day: turtle, which was vanilla frozen custard with chocolate and caramel sauces and pecans. Frozen custard is a little richer-tasting because it’s made with eggs, and its texture is thicker since it has less air whipped into it than ice cream does. It’s good stuff, and I want more.