Today’s Cover of the Toronto Sun

Cover of the Toronto Sun, with the full-page headline "We've got a Liberal Minority / Welcome to Hell". "Hell" is spelled in flames.

Wow, that’s a lot of conservative butt-hurt, even by Toronto Sun standards. (I must admit, it’s odd using the words “Toronto Sun” and “standards” in the same sentence.)

If you’re not from the Ontario, it’s in reference to last night’s provincial election results in which the Liberal party won a minority government (winning enough seats to rule, but not enough for a majority of the overall seats) over the Sun’s preferred Conservatives.

This puts a damper on the Conservative trifecta some people were hoping for here in Accordion City, Canada’s economic capital and one held in roughly the same regard that people in “red states” hold New York City. With Toronto mayor Rob “Peter Griffin” Ford and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper playing the part of a right-of-centre Goofus and Gallant, it would be a conservative wet dream to have a Conservative premier, and they clearly stated so in this video shot at a picnic where all three were in attendance:

For a look at how differently different news organizations view last night’s election results, consider the top-ranking stories on Google News from this morning. These organization’s readers/viewers are typically diametrically opposed on the political spectrum:

Side-by-side pictures of "Peter Griffin" from "Family Guy" and Rob Ford, both in blue suits.

One hypothesis that’s going about town is that Rob Ford – the still new-ish mayor who proved popular in the beginning thanks largely to disappointment with this city’s previous left-leaning, way-too-union-friendly mayor, but whose popularity has been on the decline even among supporters and allies – may have played a part in Conservative premier candidate Tim Hudak’s failure to complete the Conservative hat trick. The idea has gained enough credence that he’s issued the standard denials, including the statement that he didn’t endorse anyone. And it’s true, ass-kissing at a picnic isn’t official endorsement.

Getting back to that Toronto Sun cover: it was silly enough that local blogger Michael Balazo saw fit to revive his blog Toronto Sun Cover Reviews to give this so-bad-it’s-awesome piece of work a critique. Be sure to check it out!

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