Masculine Hallowe’en Costumes for Your Effeminate Son

Cover of the book "Actually, He's a Boy: A How-to Manual for Parenting an Effenite Child", featuring a photo of a boy wearing blush and lipstickThe Onion News Network’s fake morning talk show, Today Now!, has a high-larious segment that helps parents of “overly feminine little boys” take the “difficult problem” of choosing the right Hallowe’en costume. It features Anna Stephenson, author of Actually, He’s a Boy: A How-to Manual for Parenting an Effeminate Child, who shows concerned parents that “with a little creativity, we can disguise your girly son as a normal kid.” It’s an inspired and seasonally appropriate example of cringe comedy.

A couple of people I know, while enjoying the clip, did remark that there is a sad part to the piece: the people it’s targeting will probably take it seriously. There’s always that risk with satire, especially in this day and age.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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As a gay guy, I find this hilarious!

“I’m a big ol’ bear!”

I lost it right there.

I know it was a joke, but even if this were real, they would have realized they have walked RIGHT INTO a gay category: The Bear.

It’s a shame cause this targets boys who are feminine I hate my dad for the way he acted toward me at time and my ex doesn’t have a connection with his mother because she tried to beat it out of him it just a joke no one needed

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