Self-Defense with Jo: Fast Movement Through Nature


Self-Defense with Jo is an odd but entertaining series of instructional videos created by Jo Bonten. He’s got a YouTube channel chock-full of short episodes featuring quickie self-defense tips. The newest series of videos in his channel is called Out in Nature


…and the first installment is titled Fast Movement Through Nature:


Feel free to click on any of the pictures in this article; they’ll take you to the video, which must be seen to be believed.

In this video, Jo demonstrates a couple of techniques for evading “prosecutors” (perhaps he means “pursuers”) who are after you. He starts out on his bike…


…which he dismounts, and then portages across a field that he could’ve easily biked across.

“It is smart to take the bicycle with you,” he says, explaining why he carried the bike across the field, “since it can be useful again.”

With the “prosecutors” still on his tail, Jo ditches the bike (as well as the bright orange reflective vest, the exact opposite of what you should wear when being chased) and opts for a water route. “When you don’t have another choice, you must leave the bicycle behind and continue with swimming!”

The swimming’s the slowest-paced part of the video, but it’s a short segment, and the background music helps liven things up.


Having reached the other side, he crawls through reeds, presumably so that his pursuers won’t see him. However, as he crawls, he’s carving a very obvious trail:


After a little more crawling and wanton wetland destruction, he stands up.


“I think I have lost my prosecutors!” he declares at the end. Nicely done, Jo.


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