Nicely Done, Microsoft!

Old "Canadian Mobile Developer" banner, featuring Joey deVilla's and Frederic Harper's photos.

Well, that didn’t take long. Last week, I wrote about how Microsoft Canada’s blog for mobile developers still had my picture on the banner, even though it’s been about five months since I’d left the company. My true complaint was that the photo was two years and more importantly, twenty additional pounds out of date.

It seems that my gentle ribbing has resulted in some action being taken. If you were to go to the Canadian Mobile Developer blog right now, you’d see the updated banner, featuring my friend and former coworker and fellow Windows Phone Champ, Developer Evangelist Paul Laberge, in the spot I used to occupy:

New "Canadian Mobile Developer" banner, featuring Paul Laberge's and Frederic Harper's photos.

Remember, Microsoft Canada: any time you need an irritant to help you produce a pearl, you have but to call on my services!

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