Did the Earth Move for You, Too?

Spacing earthquake button

This afternoon’s earthquake in Virginia registered at 5.9 on the Richter scale was felt as far away as Accordion City. Spacing, some of the best commemorators of things Toronto, have buttons for your survival bragging rights — $3 from their online store or $2 if you buy them up close and personal at Outer Layer (430 Bloor Street West) or Swipe Books (401 Richmond Street West). They’re getting made as I write this, but they should be available by 4:00 p.m.

Here’s a video recorded by a young woman showing the mess the earthquake made of her house. It’s a bit hard to follow because it was shot with a laptop’s built-in webcam and she’s waving it about as if it were a flyswatter. Two amusing things about the video:

  • She says she takes great care not to be in the video because “she’s under 18”. Someone needs to tell her that that restriction applies only to “adult films”.
  • There’s a potential drinking game for that video. Take a drink every time she says “crazy”, “nuts”, “insane” or any similar word.

Obama antichrist

And finally, anyone care to wager how long it’ll be before someone says that an earthquake with an epicenter that close to Washington is God registering His displeasure at the Antichrist socialist secret muslim President? And will it be Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann or some other nut?

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