The Best Engagement Photos Ever!

Congratulations, Juliana Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee — not only on your engagement, but also on getting the best engagement photos ever!

Best engagement photos ever

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That is, without a doubt, the most awesome set of engagement photos I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on your engagement, and I hope you hang this series in a hallway in your home together!

After seeing the first couple of pics, I was wondering what you were talking about, but yes! They are awesome, congrats!

Hi from Brazil,
I have no idea who you guys are, but have to say that this set of photos is awesomely creative.
Oh! congrats on your engagement.

OMG I am so jealous of these photos, I so wish I would have thought of doing this for mine! I might have to steal the photo idea for a family shoot lol. Congrats!!

Congrats to them and to you, for taking the best engagement photos ever!
based on other blog posts i’ve peeked at, you’re in toronto like me –


I love how he does the whole fight with his wine glass in his hand… that’s a nice touch.

My reaction, as I scrolled down, in order: awww how sweet, awww picnic, wait…who is dude back there?, oh WOW, WTF??, ahahahaha!…HILARIOUS!, AWEsomeness!!
This storyline thing…I need to try if I ever get engaged. So unexpected, beautifuly photographed and well-acted I gotta say…
Congratulations on your engagement and marraige (if you are wed by now)! And as someone suggested above you really should hang these as a series in your home. : )

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