In Like Flynn

Xbox 360-style 'Achievement' graphic: Achievement Unlocked: Completed three-month probationary period as Shopify's Platform Evangelist.

My first day at Shopify was three months ago today. Since I have performed in my role as Shopify’s Platform Evangelist with skill, capability and panache and without any sausage-related mishaps, I have passed the traditional three-month probationary period and now a full-fledged employee of The Little Ecommerce Startup That Could.

I’d like to congratulate my coworker and teammate David Underwood, who also passed his three-month probationary period today.

I have no idea if I’m going to just get a simple handshake or if there’s some kind of sadistic “equator-crossing” ceremony involved. There will definitely be drinks!

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I dunno, it doesn’t really seem like you’re putting your heart into lol.

Congrats, Joey. You strike me as such a brave person to jump from one job to another, into the unknown!

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