Epic Meal Time T-Shirts!

First, a public service announcement:

bacon is life

epic-meal-timeEpic Meal Time is a YouTube cooking show in which host Harley Morelstein cooks meat-a-licious, bacon-laden, high-calorie meals with booze aplenty on the side. Harley says that Epic Meal Time is basically “Jackass in the kitchen”, but unlike Jackass, I would try their stunts (and food) at home.

Here’s Meat Building 101, an Epic Meal Time episode where they visit a home in the “student ghetto” of my alma mater, Crazy Go Nuts University and build a replica of Grant Hall out of meat:

Epic Meal Time now has a store! It features a line of T-shirts with designs that fans will find very, very familiar:

epic meal time shirts

And guess what powers Epic Meal Time’s store:

shopify logo

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