The Triumph of Tina Fey is Now Complete

fox news showing fey as palin

The Triumph of Tina Fey is Now Complete is the title attached to the photo above, which shows Fox News Channel showing a photo of Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, captioned “FMR GOV SARAH PALIN”. It’s bad enough when Fox gets stuff wrong (something they do often, and often do deliberately), but when they can’t even properly show a photo of one of their very own talking heads, something’s seriously broken.

fox news showing fey as palin 2

If the behaviour of Sarah Palin’s online defence brigade is any indicator, they’ll be replacing her photo with Tina Fey’s on her Wikipedia page any moment now.

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I was thinking the same–something’s broken, what incompetents they are, etc. In light, however, of the record of this kind of thing repeatedly happening on Fox News*, I’m now not so sure. I mean, really, how can anyone be *that* idiotic? What I think is that, perhaps, this is a part of what they do–part of their program to smear, and then erase, the line between fact and fiction. When enough of their audience no longer has much of a notion or care about what is factual and what is made-up, then they can tell any lie they want to.

Fox News is Minitrue.

* I only /hear/ about these things, you understand.

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