Las Vegas Travel Diary, Part 1

the gun store

I’m in Vegas for the MIX Conference until very late Thursday night (or possibly Friday morning – I may change my flight home). Expect the usual accordion and what-happens-in-Vegas-ends-up-on-this-blog sort of hijinks.

With me are my coworkers John Bristowe, Jaime Sorgente and Frederic Harper, none of whom have ever been to Vegas before. Fred’s a special case – this is only his second trip to the U.S. (his first one was to Seattle in February), and now he’s experiencing Extreme America, which must be doubly weird for a French Canadian. This should be interesting.

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Greetings from someone who used to read your cartoons in the Golden Words. Try American Shooters instead of the Gun Store. You’ll get some actual instruction and they’re a lot friendlier.

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