Boston Travel Diary

porter toronto

As I wrote earlier, I’ve been waking up to see strange ceilings, what with my spending about half my time away from home since the beginning of the year, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Last Friday, I hopped a Porter flight to Boston to attend a BarCamp there; the full details about that event are posted on Global Nerdy.

T map

After setting my stuff down at the Marriott in Cambridge, I quickly hopped on the T to meet with the BarCamp organizers for dinner. Luckily, my hotel was practically on top of Kendall Station, and my destination was only a few stops away: Downtown Crossing.

downtown crossing

My final destination: Kingston Station, for a bite to eat with Jonathan and Stephanie from Grasshopper Group, along with Josh, Jay and some of the other BarCamp people. The food and drink were great.

kingston station

And finally, as we were walking out, Carl from the band Authentic Counterfeit noticed my accordion and said hi. I asked if I could join the band in a quick jam; he said yes, and I hopped in to solo along with Sade’s Smooth Operator.

(I like to think I was operating rather smoothly that night.)

authentic counterfeit

My bit done, I stepped out of the restaurant to be buttonholed by Justin, who books bands at Kingston Station. He asked if I played with any bands, and I had to tell him that I wasn’t from around there. Still, it was  flattering to be invited to come back and play.

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