Procrastination Flowcharts

What better way to start the working week than by showing you ways to throw a wrench in your productivity? Here’s The Procrastination Flowchart (provenance unknown; a reader sent it my way), showing you how it’s done. Click it to see it at full size:

Complex procrastination flowchartClick the flowchart to see it at full size.

As you can see, you can put a lot of work into avoiding work. Being a practitioner of what I like to call “enlightened laziness”, I much prefer this much simpler version:

Greatly simplified procrastination flowchart: "Do something right now -> No"

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16 replies on “Procrastination Flowcharts”

Cool flowchart. But I think some of the green items of the left of the flowchart had their Yes/No options mixed up… Like, why does lying about starting actually forces you to do work?! And, if there was a “way to get out of it”, wouldn’t you want to get out of it, rather than do work?

“Why does lying about starting actually forces you to do work”
Because. If you lied about starting, that means you need to start in case your manager wants to see what you “already did”.
… I wouldn’t be leaving this comment right now if I did not have a half started project open on my desktop.

..”For you or someone else” is not a yes/no question though… so that one is odd, but I follow.

Yes, your version of the flowchart is simpler, and to the point, but … think about how many work hours were spent procrastinating to create and/or follow the more complex chart! Following the original chart is the self-fulfilling embodiment of procrastination.

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