DIY “Mega-Stuf” Oreos

Oreo cookie made with the creme of dozens of Oreo cookies

I think that the chocolate cookie is the best part of the Oreo, but if you’re a fan of the creme, you just might want to do it yourself and make your own Mega-Stuf Oreo like the one pictured above.

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It would probably be a bit easier to learn to make the cookies and icing… but this way they could send the leftover chocolate cookies to you 😀

why is having a pale penis a good thing? mine is tan. besides, chocolate is better than vanilla or creme 😉

I don’t think that would take that long. Just take a knife and scrape out all the frosting, layer on one of the cookies, and repeat. It would take maybe an hour, depending on how many cookies you used.

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then add some bacon and some jack daniels, deep fry it and put some sauce on it. BOOM. epicmealtime meal right there

To all of you who said this person has too much free time: What about you? You obviously have nothing better to do than comment on a website about Oreos. I think you should rethink your comments.

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