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Inside a Russian Accordion Factory

Close-up of accordion bellows and a detailed paint job featuring the image of a well-dressed bearded man.

John Bristowe pointed me to an article in English Russia featuring photos from a visit to a Russian accordion factory in Tula, a city known for a type of bisonoric button accordion (with bisonoric accordions, the buttons play different notes depending on whether you’re expanding or contracting the bellows) named after the city.

Woman assembling an accordion in a room full of them

“This musical instrument is undoubtedly one of the most popular nowadays,” goes the article. “First accordions appeared in Russia in the beginning of the 19th century, and thanks to original sounding and visual appeal, they soon became rather popular. Number of accordion masters has grown so much that their making became number two in Tula.”

Close-up of the treble buttons and grill on a red Tula accordion

The accordions that this factory makes are gorgeous, as are the photos in the article. If you’ve ever wondered how accordions are made, check out the article!

Woman applying glue to an accordion's bellows

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To Brent: That is not (in english) on that accordion. It’s in Russian and reads “60 let CCCP” – which translated is “60 years of the Soviet Union.” the Russian “L” is written similar to an English lower case “n.” It’s a commemorative accordion for what was then the Jubilee year for the USSR (CCCP in Russian).

I have an accordian that my grandfather played when he was young and now I have it. I have always kept it in the case and it is still in working condition and very clean and beautiful. I am trying to find out how old it may be and if it might be worth anything. It has mother of pearl buttons, several diamonds for decoration and a wonderful abalone inlay of a woman on top. I have no information about it, and would like to find out who the maker was and the circa date. Please respond if possible… Thank you… I can send pictures if needed. Please respond to Lee Stiener @ 702-526-3198 from Las Vegas, NV. Thank you and I appreciate any information that you can give me.

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