If the Restaurant Industry was Like the Record Industry


Don’t get the reference? See the Wikipedia entry for “Home Taping is Killing Music”.

One reply on “If the Restaurant Industry was Like the Record Industry”

Nope, not quite; home cooking is like producing music at home… going back the other way would be the RIAA saying “garage bands is killing concerts.”

I was hoping for something like watching people being strip-searched for hidden food when they enter a restaurant, placesettings with DRM-locked cutlery that is bolted to the table, butchers demanding tarriffs and taxes on bones re-used for soup stock, then appealing for how the cows are going hungry because people are making soup instead of buying more beef and how “this just hurts the cows, making them go hungry with unpaid royalties on the bones.”

Meanwhile, iTunes is selling 2-for-1 pizza on the corner. They used to have a guard on the door so you were only allowed to eat their pizza while you were in their (very pretty) restaurant, but now they’re okay with takeout. Emusic always let you have take-out, so you could eat their food at home or in the park, but you have to pay a fee every month to eat there and you only get 30 meals a month.

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