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Slice of Life: Deep-Fried Oreos at the CNE

cnePhoto of the Canadian National Exhibition courtesy of Wikipedia.

Yesterday, the Ginger Ninja and I went to the Canadian National Exhibition (a.k.a. “The CNE” and “The Ex”, Accordion City’s annual fair featuring shows, rides, shopping and amusements. According to Wikipedia, it’s the largest fair in Canada and the fourth largest in North America.

Part of the fun of going to the Ex is the junk food, and they’ve got that stuff in spades. There are few foods that can’t be made better by deep-frying. Even Oreos, which are pretty good as they are, benefit from being covered in batter and then dunked into a vat of hot oil. We ordered some deep-fried Oreos; here’s what they looked like:


The batter becomes a crispy shell, while the heat of deep-frying turns the Oreo into a gooey, tasty mess of chocolate and cream.


Wendy liked them more than she expected she would, and more than the deep-fried Twix bars I ordered later.

I’m hitting the gym later today.

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bnk: It’s good fun, and since it’s just west of downtown: it’s easy to get to in all sorts of ways: public transit, bike or car. I think Wendy was amused by the fact that I’ve been going there almost every year since the first “Superdogs” show they held in 1976.

I beleive we’re going back Tuesday evening!

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