“Beatle Juice”: Gorgeous Package Design

I love this design concept created by Marc Valega: Beatle Juice!

"Beatle Juice": Juice boxes featuring the Beatles as they appeared in "Yellow Submarine", with the flavours "Apple McCartney", "John Lemo", "George Pearrison" and "Mango Starr".

Here are the juice box layouts:

"Apple McCartney" package in flat form

"John Lemon" package in flat form

"George Pearrison" package in flat form

"Mango Starr" package in flat form

16 replies on ““Beatle Juice”: Gorgeous Package Design”

yeah.. dey iight… naw mean… them shits is pretty raw I aint gone lie. Jhon Lemmon? Thats off the chain cuz, real talks

hola beatles juice soy matias el viernes 13/7/12 estube en la radio con ustedes mi facebook es matias fabbro con dos ”B”

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