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I’m flying out of Vancouver this morning to my next stop – Montreal, where I will be speaking at CUSEC, the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference. There, I’ll deliver my presentation, titled Squeezeboxes, Start-Ups and Selling Out: A Tech Evangelist’s Story.

Vancouver has been covered in fog for the past couple of weeks. They’re close to the record number of days of the pea-soup-thick variety of fog, as shown in the photo below:

Photo of Vancouver skyline mostly obscured by fog
Photo by Adrian Eden.Click the photo to see it on its Flickr page.

I think that this photo needs a teensy bit of editing:

The same photo, but with the Millennium Falcon photshopped in
Click the photo to see it at full size.

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Ah, but did this fog have a distinct smell and leave you feeling mellow and hungry after?

Todd’s right — next time you happen to be passing through Vancouver on a Friday night let us know and we’d love to have you as a celebrity guest on our all-accordion radio show / podcast. Cheers!

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