List of Sins…or List of Potential Band Names!

Image courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

I assume that by “shacking”, they actually meant “shacking up”.

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What do you assume they meant by “backbiter” and “filthy talk”?

And “wanting something that belongs to someone else”? That’s not quite the same thing as coveting. I want groceries, but they belong to Loblaws. I’m such a sinner.

I like how “murder” is at the very bottom of the list. After the far greater sins such as “whisperer” and “gay.”

I’m thinking they’re going for backstabber when they say “backbiter”? Could be wrong though.

Now “filthy talk” – ha! If you need an explanation for that one, you’re not doing it right 😉

Given the lies I’ve been asked to choke down by our current government, I would have to raise my hand high for the sin of ‘Unbeliever’. Or as they say above the sin of ‘unbelief’. Rather a lot of that going around ATM.

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