Hey Canadians — Get Out There and Vote!

Vote! poster by Obey

It’s Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 and it’s Election Day in Canada. While the race here hasn’t been nearly as entertaining as the one our neighbours to the south are having, neither is it as agonizing or drawn-out. Neither will it be a confusing to vote, because there’s a uniform country-wide system of simple paper ballots, like the one shown below:

Canadian election ballot

Even in this modern age, much of the world’s population is still under the rule of autocrats who were installed without even the pretense of a democratic process. Even if only as an exercise in Thanksgiving (which we just celebrated yesterday), get out there and vote!

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Hey, chiamattt, I hear that he wasn’t even born in England and that his birth certificate is totally faked. Hint: think gondolas.

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