Terminated, Part 6: Laid Off Still Life

Here are two “still life” shots I just pulled off my camera.

The first was taken two Thursdays ago. It’s a photo of the stuff that I brought to the office over time and took home that night:

My stuff at the office

I know it’s unusual to bring in your own office chair, but ones at the office were sub-par, and I ahd a decent one just sitting in my apartment’s storage room. The desktop computer is one that I haven’t been using much; at the office, I treated it as a big backup hard drive and iTunes machine.

I took the second at the Spadina and Richmond Starbucks just a couple of minutes ago. I thought it might give you an idea of what a high-tech job search looks like:

Still life at Starbucks

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is that the vista ferrari LT ? Did you ever get Vista working properly or blow it away? P.S. sorry about the layoff but you were justa cross the street from me 🙂

@tbit: Yes, that’s the infamous Acer Ferrari 1000 laptop pre-loaded with Windows Vista Ultimate and a very full version of Microsoft Office. It’s currently my primary machine.

Since Vista was pre-loaded on it, it worked properly. My real problem is the non-functional “up-arrow” key. I’m ordering a replacement from eBay.

“Queen and Richmond Starbucks” … I didn’t know Queen and Richmond intersected????

As a temporary workaround for your non-functioning up arrow key you could use AutoHotkey to map the up arrow to something else. eg – shift down arrow.

I use it to map the (useless) menu selection key on my HP keyboard to a right win key. Which is slightly less useless.

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