Unfortunate Ad Placement

Oh, snap:

Two ads on facing pages of a magazine -- the first's headline is "My sister accidentally killed herself", and the second's is "Oops."

The ad on the left is a skin cancer ad, which reminded me of a term I’d only recently encountered: the “sun scare industry”. It was a term used in a news release by the Indoor Tanning Association (yeah, I went “Really?” too) that saluted Sarah Palin for putting a tanning bed in the Alaska governor’s mansion. The last line of the release quotes Dan Humiston, President of the Indoor Tanning Association and it’s a real gem:

“Kudos to Governor Palin for standing up to dermatologists and other members of the sun scare industry who are trying to frighten Americans away from UV light.”

Those pesky busybody skin doctors! No wonder dermatologist is synonymous with buzzkill.

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I kind of like this sun scare thing. I’m a skydiver and whenever people used to chastise me for something that is so dangerous I would point out that it’s statistically safer than going fishing.

Now, thanks to the sun scare industrial complex, I can say that skydiving is safer than going outside.

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