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R.I.P. Paul Newman

Paul Newman

Actor, director, car racing enthusiast, humanitarian, creator of a pretty good salad dressing, beer aficionado and master of the steely blue-eyed stare Paul Newman died yesterday at the age of 83 after a long battle with lung cancer.

What you may not know is that when artist Gil Kane was re-designing the superhero character Green Lantern in the late 1950s, he used Paul Newman as his template:

Green Lantern recites the Green Lantern Oath as he recharges his ring

Requiescat in pace, Mr. Newman.

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A truly great actor. Ironically, this week I re-screened one of my favourite movies of his — Fort Apache, The Bronx. That’s one movie most won’t mention in their obits, but I think it’s one of his under-appreciated efforts. He’s infuses much charm and wit into what could have been a very dreary story. Slap Shot is the funniest, but he wisely let the supporting cast get most of the laughs — Hanson Brothers anyone?

Speaking of Fort Apache, here’s a good example. Here he deals with a crazy man who’s been attacking people with a knife. It’s a classic technique to defuse a tense situation with an insane person — act crazier than he is!

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