McDonald’s Thai Green Curry Burger

McDonald’s often caters to the culture of the country it’s in, which is why I’ll occasionally check out Mickey D’s when I’m travelling in Asia or Europe. There’s India’s Chicken Maharaja Mac, Israel’s McShawarma and McSpaghetti in the Philippines, which serves spaghetti the way God intended: with cut-up hot dogs in the sauce.

Oftentimes, it turns out to be junk, but it’s interesting junk, such as this Thai Green Curry Burger:

McDonalds Thai Green Curry Burger
Photo courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

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4 replies on “McDonald’s Thai Green Curry Burger”

@Thai Won On: I never said this was in Thailand.

I assume it’s from Hong Kong, given that there’s the ad is in both English and Chinese (in fonts that suggest Thai) and the price is in dollars.

Clever squirming. You said “McDonald’s often caters to the culture of the country it’s in”. This photo could have been taken in Markham or on Spadina.

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