“Mister Bookseller” (Gospodin Libar)

For some weekend reading, I present the bittersweet Gospodin Libar (Mister Bookseller), a short story in comic form by Darko Macan and Tihomir Celanovic. Originally published in Croatian, a comic enthusiast has lovingly translated and re-lettered the comic into English, and I’m glad she did. If you’re a bibliophile, you’ll love this story.

I’ve posted the first two pages here, and you can read the full eight pages over at the comic site here.

Comic: "Mister Bookseller" (part 1)
Comic: "Mister Bookseller (part 2)"

Click the images above to read the full comic.

7 replies on ““Mister Bookseller” (Gospodin Libar)”

the original link of the whole comics is gone now, any idea where to find the entire 8 pages?

Sorry to be a downer but this isn’t very well-written, nor is it even the least bit interesting or thought provoking. Decent illustrations, I suppose.


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