The Ring Finger – Index Finger “Gay” Test / Safety Dance!

Does anyone remember this myth? I remember first hearing it in high school…

\"If your ring finger is bigger than your index finger, you\'re a real MACHO MAN. But if your ring finger is equal to your index can be...GAY!!!\"
Image courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

(Wait…wasn’t Macho Man a big Village People single and a gay club culture anthem?)

I’ll bet that you looked at your hands right now, didn’t you? I’ll bet everybody looked at their hands. And when that happens, you know what it’s time for: Safety Dance!

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Well, it’s not a *complete* myth, anyway… there is evidence that there’s a correlation between the ring finger to index finger length ration and testerone level. That’s why, typically, women’s index fingers are longer than their ring fingers, and vice-versa for men. Where this breaks down, though, is that there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between homosexuality and testosterone.

On my left hand the difference is only slight, like in the macho man picture above but on my right hand there is a very big difference between ring finger and index. Looks like you kids with hands like the ring finger like the macho man above are just tom boy kids. I’m the daddy! Muhaha.

Now off to get my manicure…

P.S. That “life is a TV show” quote on your left column is deep, deep on many levels. If my ring finger wasn’t so large and my willy so small I might have been gay, and if was gay your ass would look fine in that comment.

Actually, scientific studies contradict this (kind of). Having a longer ring finger does mean you have more prenatal testosterone exposure, but this means you are actually more likely to be gay.

this is not completly true.. I’m gay and my index finger is shorter (1/2 inch) than my ring finger (I’m 6’2″)

hmmm, my indexfinger and ringfiger is very close to to being equal, with the ringfinger being marginally bigger….and i enjoy the company of both men and women!

I’m a guy by birth and have a much shorter ring finger. I’m having TG issues. Maybe some truth to this. How rare is it for guys to have shorter ring fingers? Interesting. I’m Bi too.

I work with a flamer and you can bet I’m gonna check his hands . I just checked my hubby’s thank god he’s a macho!!

this i s fucking bullshit my index finger is bigger than my ring finger and im not gay. i like girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ummm im female soo idk if this works

but well on my right hand

my ring finger is like a cenitmeter longer than my index finger

and on my left

my ring is just half a centimeter longer than my index
so what does that mean??

it doesn’t mean im a lesbian does it cause im straight lol
and there was a comment that said a womans index finger was longer than her ring finger?
whats that about is it true?? cause both my mom n my sister have their index fingers about the same length as their ring fingers or a few millimeters shorter O.o ….soo does that mean they have more testosterone?? wth? D:

this is nothing more than a stupid myth people believe the stupidest things some times i can see that the human populations intelligence level is steadily declining…..

this is realy stupid way to find it my ring finger biger than index finger so i’m gay but …

I fucking lost my fingers in an accident when I was a kid. My wife is typing this for me if you’re curious. But now I wonder, how the fuck am I supposed to tell if I’m gay? How the fuck will I tell my wife this?

Yours truely, JfuckingDeezy

damn! im a hardcore lesbian my index finger is almost the same size as my middle finger. Lol dat might be a good thing.

my index finger is about the same size of my ring finger………….. so proud!!!!!!!!!!!

-im gay-

My ring finger is bigger than my index finger (both hands). But I’m gay.. absolutely no doubt about it.

Hey this is crazy because that is not even true to it down like that to tell the truth that this is not makl9ng sense at all just putting myt fibgers myfingers are gayyyyyy ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhh

wtf is this bullshit my ring finger is longer than the index and im not gay lol.



So, well, the problem is:
on my left hand my index finger is a bit longer than my ring finger and on my right hand my ring finger is about a centimeter longer than my index. what does that mean now? that i’m bi? i’m not, i’m straight.
this is just bullshit, btw.

My friend just told me about this. Which is how I found this page when I googled it. I (female) have ring fingers longer than index and my husband has index fingers longer than ring fingers. I found this article in the Independent (British newspaper) I do have great math skills. My husband is genius when it comes to words. So maybe it has some truth after all.

not true at all I’ve been openly gay since i can remember and both of my hands look like “macho hands”!..therefore it’s not true….

my ring finger is SHORTER than my index… on both hands… according to the pic, what am I…?

LOVE THIS… I remember this from School. This and the Earring rule… Remeber the Earring rule??
Lawd Lawd Lawd, What is I gone Do??? What I’s gone do?? Im gay… ROOL GAY!!! My ring finger is equal to my middle finger, does that mean Im like a prince or something???……
Isnt it funny how we used to have these myths and games? I was watching “Pleasentville” as read this. The themes fit so very well, I was thinking of what would have happened if a GAY character was sent to “Pleasentville?” Good Lord, if they had sent me, everything would have been Pink PassionFruit and Eggplant and Trellace Green and and Oceanmist Blue…

So, according to this I’m a “Macho Man” … but I’m actually gay. I’m more of a macho-gay tho, not freaking flamer (can you tell I don’t like flamers?).

So if you’re a girl and you have a ring finger longer than the index, it means you are a tranny! … of course if you have a dick that too means you’re a tranny! or if you ‘re a girl but have an addam’s apple, or if you are a girl but grow a mustache, the dick is still the ultimate indication though, it’s hard to be a girl if you have a dick.

yeah, lies. i’m a bi female, and my ring finger is longer than my index finger by a long shot.

could be bullshit (that picture, that is) or could just be a major coincidence, since it seems to be equal parts true and equal parts bullshit. (but i’m gonna go with bullshit)

My c*ck is buried deep in my boyfriend’s ass, and I simply don’t have time to compare fingers to know if I’m gay.

The Pattern of finger lengths may be a simple marker of prostate cancer risk, with length of Right hand 2D greater than 4D suggestive of lower risk. For younger men, the difference in risk could be 86%!
Of course, I have the just barely short index finger and got Stage 2C Prostate cancer at 43. Not too many people have equal 2D (R 2nd finger) vs 4D (R 4th finger), but if it is a tie, then look to the left hand for the tie-breaker (you can average them).

i know this dude name MARQUIS GOODWIN he lives in vicksburg mississippi and his house is on skyfarm and he goes to warren central high school he is a singer he good and he cute but i thnk he is gay cant no guy be that damn cute and be straight every hot cute guy in the world is gay take zac efron for example and r&b singer trey songz is bisexual and he is fine as hell… so like i said no hot cute guy in the world is straight

Well, my ring and index fingers are equal, but still I can’t decide, or I doesn’t know weather I am Gay or Straight. But I know that I am attracted towards both, girls and guys. Please somebody help me to find out that what am I, Gay or Straight??

Dude this thing doesnt work. I love gay and have had sex millions of times with my neighbour and other men, still my ring finger is bigger than my index finger!

Dude, this is totally wrong. what if you’re a girl, huh? My ring finger is bigger than my pointer finger. and BESAM? what the IS normal? LGBT IS THE NORM NOW DAYS. Just giving you food for thought.

Muhammad Mahtaab

Well, my ring and index fingers are equal, but still I can’t decide, or I doesn’t know weather I am Gay or Straight. But I know that I am attracted towards both, girls and I, Gay or Straight??

neither my index finger is big nor my ring finger, but my middle finger is still the big one to give in you.

Well I am gay and my index finger is much longer than my ring finger! So I guess I am super gay or something but yeah this is not a myth! Its just some people are different is all!

It’s not exactly a myth. This doesn’t automatically predict whether you are gay or straight. But they are related. It has to do with prenatal levels of testosterone.

This made me laugh. I’m a fool blown gay. This test claims that I am a real macho man. I think not I’m a complete flamer.

My ring finger is way longer than my index finger and I’m bi, but have no preference. What does this mean?

I am straight and my index finger is longer than my ring. To be quite honest all bodies are the same and I doubt that finger length is going to tell you sexual orientations!

@Muhammad Mahtabb If you’re attracted to both guys and girls, you are bisexual, hope it helped! 🙂

For Lesbians,
If your left breast is bigger than your right breast,you are straight.But if they are equal in size..You can be a Lesbian!! ha..ha..ha..

In one of my hand, it’s exactly the same. But on my other hand, my ring finger is bigger. :/

My fingers are the same length, but I don’t them to tell me. I know I’m gay! NEVER any doubt in my mind.

I’m a standard gay guy (i.e. non-androgynous, non-macho, just a regular, wholesome person who is a guy and who is gay).

My ring fingers are longer than my index fingers.

And I am utterly unimpressed and unamused by this bogus article, because it is bound to create a lot of anxiety among guys whose index fingers happen to be longer than their ring fingers. I think the author forgot to look up the meaning of the words “gay” and “macho” respectively. “Gay” means “homosexual”. “Macho” means “stereotypically masculine” (either for comical effect or just as a personality trait).

I am straight, my ring finger is longer than my index. The only reason why I am not that grossed out by penises, I think is because I have one, and it’s not a big deal. When I was little, I thought vaginas were weird, just because of the fact, I did have one, they were foreign. You don’t know until you grow up

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