Hyundai Makes Accordions?!

While most people think of Hyundai as a car company, they actually started as a construction company and over time turned into a conglomerate producing everything from semiconductors to ships (other examples of such companies include Mitsubishi, which makes everything from fruit juice to jet engines, and General Electric, who make everything from lightbulbs to jet engines to NBC/Universal).

I’ve seen all sorts of things bearing the Hyundai brand, but I had no idea they made accordions (or other musical instruments)! Better still, their C-level execs seem to “eat their own dog food”: here’s a video of Mr. Kim, president of Hyundai Music Corporation, playing When the Saints Go Marching In on a green Hyundai 12-bass piano accordion:

[Thanks to chiamattt — owner of the blog smokehard — for telling me about Hyundai accordions!]

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