Engrish of the Day

“Engrish” — the gramatically and often hilariously incorrect English that you often see in East Asia or on East Asian products — typically makes at least a little sense. Not this t-shirt, which I spotted on an outdoor rack at the corner of Spadina and Sullivan Streets:

Engrish t-shirt that reads \"Enquired bump brsuh culuff\"

“Enquired? Bump? Brush culuff?” Feel free to theorize in the comments.

(This stores sells other shirts with Engrish, such as this one from back in May.)

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I saw a very wholesome and innocent looking girl walking on Spadina last week with a white shirt that had a sort of lame Vegas vibe to it, which said (and please imagine the 777 to be a slot machine display):

The Grand Prize
My Cherry

Involuntary shivers to the max! Whatever happened to good old fashioned organ gambling?

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