What Happens When You Smash a Can of WD-40?

Apparently, this:

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I don’t think a WD-40 can would actually explode if hit, especially in light of the Mythbusters experiment in which they shot a propane tank and failed to blow it up, even with tracer rounds. It took a gatling gun with incendiary rounds to finally make the tank explode.

(Thankfully, shooting a propane tank in Gramd Theft Auto IV creates wonderful explosions.)

My co-worker Brian Layman points out that you can see that the can was already smoking. He suggests that it was an upside-down beer can filled with gasonline with a lit wad of paper on top. Any other guesses?

It’s clearly on fire already, which is what causes the explosion, whatever it is in the can.

Some…friends…of mine once dropped can aerosol can of bug spray in a fire. It made a most satisfying explosion.

What’s really admirable is the guy with the camera: he has the true soul of a journalist. Even with his buddy in a ball a flame he makes sure keep that camera running.

Yah, it’s obvious the can is on fire before it’s hit. He knew it would make a big kaboom, but maybe he didn’t realize it would get on his face and body.

ALso the cameraman is a good distance away.

Ther’es more to this video than we’re seeing… I’d be curious what the backstory is.

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