“He Said It First”

Cindy and John McCain, striking an

The comedy troupe Public Service Administration have put together a high-larious video that pokes fun at John McCain’s outburst in which he flipped out and used the “c-word” on Wife 2.0 in 1992.

John’s outburst — “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c***!” was in response to Cindy’s remark about his balding. She was stealing drugs from her own charity around that time, so if John had said “At least I don’t steal drugs from my own charity, you junkie!” it would’ve been a considerably more appropriate comeback.

Then again, she was using the drugs to cope with the stress of the Keating Five scandal, so she can be excused. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

But enough history. It’s comedy time!

Here’s the uncensored, so terribly not-safe-for-work version of the comedy piece, in which the c-word is unbleeped:

And here’s the only-slightly-safer-for-work version in which the c-word is bleeped out, which turns into a bleepfest:

[Thanks to Kelly Seagram for the heads-up!]

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