Celebrity Gossip is Nothing New

Here’s an old magazine from the late 1960s featuring some hot stars of the time:

  • Leonard Nimoy on “religion and dirty movies”,
  • Barbara Bain and Martin Landau, back when they were still married,
  • William Shatner and his “month-at-a-time” marriage,
  • Frank Sinatra (aren’t you wondering why Ol’ Blue Eyes needed to find the youth pill?) and Mia Farrow (then “Mia Sinatra“, which places this magazine sometime between 1966 and 1968)
  • and my favourite one: Davy Jones from the Monkees, making a desperate bid for rock authenticity by claiming that he had “pills twice as strong as those that got the Rolling Stones in trouble”.

Old magazine: \"TV Star Parade\"
Image courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

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