Gas Expected to Climb to $1.35/litre at Midnight

Gasoline: $1.35 a litre!

According to Torontoist, the gas stations are going to jack the price of a litre of regular unleaded to $1.35 per litre at midnight tonight. If you’ve got a tank to fill, you just might want to do it before then.

(For my American readers, that translates to CDN$5.13 a gallon / US$5.04 a gallon.)

Luckily for me, we make minimal use of the car, favouring the subway (or a “subway-there/taxi back” approach) for most outings and public transport (in Wendy’s case) or my bike, The Scorpion King (in my case) for getting to and from work. I fill the tank on the Deathmobile (not so much a comment on the environment or car-caused fatalities as it is an homage to Animal House) less than once a month.

Joey deVilla's bike
My bike, The Scorpion King.

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