FOX News on Steve Ballmer’s Egging

Only through the distorted lens of FOX News could you witness the egging of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a presentation in Budapest and then conclude that Europeans hate prosperity. In the clip below, sock puppets Neil Cavuto and his guest Monica Crowley fail to understand that it’s a hatred for Microsoft’s playing dirty pool in the tech industry all these years to prop its products (which many techies feel run the gamut from sub-par to passable) not prosperity:

Crowley’s quotes are standard-issue FOX talking points: that European think that American capitalism is “rampant, unenlightened” and have an “enormous sense of envy towards the United States” because they “can’t compete economically”, “envy our prosperity” and are “jealous of it.” However, the it’s Cavuto who provides this clip’s gem, a bootlicker classic: “And look — this is one of the world’s richest men, and no one is coming to his aid!”

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Funny video. However you’ve misquoted the commentator. She says:

“Europeans consider American capitalism, rampant, unenlightened…”

Not that Europeans are rampant and unenlightened.

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